#BDay - Never forget a birthday again

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With the new iOS8 #BDay App, you'll never forget a birthday again. #Bday has detailed state-of-the-art features and is the easiest and most effective way to remember everyone’s special day – including friends, co-workers, family, and more!

  • Birthday Wishes

    Send birthday wishes easily via phone, email, text and WhatsApp directly from the #BDay App.

  • Statistics

    The #Bday App also provides useful information including average age, age in days, and other fun facts.

  • Automatization

    Never miss sending a birthday wish to your friends or contacts again! Just set up an authorization for a contact and the app will take care of sending the birthday wishes for you (V 1.2.0)

  • Contacts Import

    Birthdays will be automatically imported or updated from your phone contacts while starting the app. Or, you can do a manual birthday list update.

  • Text Templates

    Create text templates to wish your friends a Happy Birthday or save time and use one of our already created templates

  • Backup

    Create a backup of your entire birthday list to be sure that you’ll never lose any data, even if you get a new phone. (Available in 1.2.0)


  • Favorites

    For users with lots of contacts or birthdays in their list, this feature will be essential. Separate the most important birthdays of your family and friends by tapping on "Add to Favorites" on the contact detail page. This way, you won’t miss the birthdays that are most important to you.

  • iOS8 Today Widget

    Simply pull down your notifications from the lock screen of your phone to see the today's birthdays. Easy to access when you’re busy or working on other tasks.

  • Reminder

    Get notified at a predetermined time of day OR the day before a birthday. Only be notified of the birthdays you choose. Never forget a birthday again!

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